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These 2 reports were written by father and daughter Terry and Helen Quadling who have been out to India as volunteers for a number of years but I think this is Helen’s first report (at least that I have seen). I was quite concerned about some of the negative things the reports contain and had a long chat with Jon Crouch, our charity manager, for his take on them before placing them on this web page.

In the case of Terry’s report on M. Swetha’s progress on her nursing assistants course Jon reminded me that she had only just scraped through her 10th std exams and then only with a resit in English and says that she is not the most academically gifted young lady. He added that the course she is on is probably as demanding as she can manage and that at the end of her 2nd year she will finish up with a diploma which will ensure decently paid employment. But for the time spent at MSGH over the years her future would probably be to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a coolie so our sponsorship of Swetha will mean a much improved outlook for her.

In the case of Helen’s report, particularly about the headmaster, Jon told me that on one of his earlier visits to India he had gone to talk to a headmaster about some of our sponsored children and had been told in no uncertain fashion to leave the premises and make an appointment for 1 month hence. So although this particular headmaster had not acted in a manner which met with Helen’s approval perhaps she was lucky to get in to see him at all. Having said all that it is obvious that the school: which MSGH has used for decades: is not performing well and the ladies of the management committee would dearly like to move their children to a better one but they are not sure that they can afford the additional expense that transport will entail. It is something they will be considering over the summer break.

Having dealt with those negative issues Jon reassured me that the care provided for the children at MSGH is first class as is our relationship with Mrs Seetha and the other ladies of the management committee and that he and Gopi (the manager of our India office) are always made most welcome whenever they visit; which is quite often. Jon went on to say that a good command of the English language is becoming more and more important for any youngster seeking higher positions in employment which is probably very unfair but a fact of life.

Our other 2 girls D. Gopika who is 12 years old and S. Malathi who was 10 in February will be breaking for their summer holidays soon (they take them earlier in the year in India) and then we will be getting their latest photographs and greetings cards.

Comments by Alan Colebrook

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