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 Surakkapatti - Evening Study Centre

Picnic to Kamarajar Lake, Shiva Cave temple and Sadayandi temple.

Children from Surakkapatti Evening Study Centre together with volunteers went on a picnic to Kamarajar Lake on Saturday 26 May 2018.

We left Surakkapatti village around 9 AM and travelled on a big car.

This was the very first time travelling in a car for most of the children.

We arrived Kamarajar lake and walk around the lake visiting the vast area, many birds, animals and the beautiful view of the hills.

This lake is now being broadened to store more water.

This lake is the main water source for Dindigul and its surrounding villages.

It was only quarter full. We also explained the necessities of conservation of the natural resources, rain water, etc to all the students.

After having some snacks (vadai and sweets), we climbed up in the hill.

On our way we were amazed by the view of the lake surrounded by the hills.

We had a nice prayer there and took rest at the big cave.

Then we moved down to the Sadayandi temple at the foothill.

There are many huge trees around this temple. Children started playing group games and swinging in the banyan tree. I also taught them some group games involved with concentration and memory.

Mr Ge Mol, JHC Supporter welcomed all the children to his resort (Double Dutch Resort).

All the children had their lunch (Parota with kurma) at one of the bungalows.

They amazed with the different architecture in the valley.

They also enjoyed seeing different varieties of birds and plants there.

All the children returned to the village around 4 PM.

Kiruthika, 8 years old girl informed that this is the very first time she had gone on a picnic and she enjoyed the whole day thoroughly with her friends.

Arun, 10 years old boy informed that he had learnt many things especially environmental related matters today and he would love the nature more.

Many thanks for all the supporters and the JHC team.

All the children

Surakkapatti – Evening Study Centre