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April Pastoral Newsletter

Better late than never I guess! I have had a lovely break with the family, which was much needed time together as the 4 of us, we didn’t go anywhere but we have had some nice days in the sunshine, and there’s so much beauty so close to us here. I’ve not got a great deal of news for April, (though Park Grove are having a quiz!)  but wanted really to say thank you to everyone who has rallied round to make Easter this year truly special. Mostly there are just going to be photos up. I have to say that as someone who believes our key purpose as church is to share the Good News of Jesus love with those who need to hear it most, this year you have all achieved wonders on that front, in a whole host of creative ways. There’s a poem at the bottom of this email which has both a touch of spring, and a touch of the promise of new life about it, new life that I’ve seen sprouting as we are forced to be creative about how we worship, and witness. As a circuit we will begin very slowly to reopen from the end of May, right through to September, and opening dates (possibly with instructions to follow) will be circulated. Online and telephone/ paper services will be continuing for the foreseeable too, so that those who aren’t ready to return don’t feel under pressure. 


Photos of Easter from around the villages have filled my heart with so much joy. You’ve really made God’s presence part of the communities we love, well done all of you. It was lovely to see so many on Maundy Thursday as you collected communion. Thank you for all you do, whether out and about actively or home safe and upholding the church in prayer. 

Ecclesiastical hedges - Nicola Slee 

If you would like to read the poem then there is a link that will get you to the page that has it via the newsletter sign up page link below.

if you have enjoyed Dr Nicola Slee’s poem she has published several books (there’s always going to be a book recommendation it seems!) some of my favourites are Seeking the Risen Christ, and Praying Like a Woman. Lot’s of her work is challenging, and deeply personal, which can be unsettling, but she provides a new (to me) angle on God’s work in the world, through poetry and prose.