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JHC achieves its aims by working with partner NGOs constituted as ‘Societies’ under Indian law. JHC is an independent fund raising charity, running no projects itself on the ground in India.

BTS is the main NGO supported by the charity and receives most of its funding from JHC. In recent years it has been seeking more funding from local sources and encouraging this is part of the current strategic plan.

Other supported NGO’s in India are:

Inba Seva Sangam (ISS), Madurai Sevashram Girls Home (MSGH), Dindigul Aids Control Society (DACS), Society for Poor People’s Development (SPPD), Centre for Education Development Action and Research (CEDAR).

The charity has recently been discussing opportunities for developing the India office so that some tasks can be transferred to India and the Manager in India can be more proactive in advising Trustees on worthwhile projects to support.


JHC supports the poorest and most disadvantaged children in south India and north east Thailand by:

- Ensuring that supported children have access to a quality education and subsequently access to vocational training or higher education.

- Removing barriers caused by poor health and nutrition.

- Ensuring the safe keeping of vulnerable children.

- Supporting groups disadvantaged by mental or physical disabilities that are not supported by Government.

To achieve these goals we will build and develop relationships with our key partners responsible for the management of residential and non-residential projects.


Raising funds in the UK has been successful in the past but has relied too much on donor friendship and sponsorship from individuals and small organisations such as Rotary and church groups. We are now seeing the consequences of this as our increasingly elderly sponsors can no longer support their sponsored child. We have of course received legacies from previous supporters and these have contributed to the underlying strength of our reserves.

Given the long term nature of our commitments to children (which can exceed 10 years in some cases) we have made the decision to attempt to set a balanced budget over the next few years after a period when we have taken up to £60K from our reserves each year, thereby putting JHC onto a long term financially stable footing. Full details will be in our audited accounts available at the AGM in October 2017


The charity is at a crossroads after the death of the Founder and the approaching retirement of Jon Crouch who has been an outstanding Manager in the Peterborough office for over 20 years.

The most crucial role for the new Manager will be to set new directions for the charity in both fundraising and in the way we allocate and administer funding to our overseas NGO’s.

We are intending to close the Peterborough office in April 2018 and the first task of the successful candidate will be to recommend a convenient location for the charity office.

With limited staff we have relied on a very ‘hands on’ approach by the Manager in the UK who has made annual visits to the projects and, crucially, is in constant communication with our India Manager in Dindigul. This has been exceptionally successful in ensuring transparency in the use made of our funding and in guaranteeing that every pound donated has reached the intended recipient. However if we are to expand our work in India and fund more projects a different model may be required.

The challenge for the new Manager is to continue the process of balancing our books and looking for new projects to support. In other words to find new sources of funding.

Our next generation of Members are skilled in social media and we feel we need to use their talents and enthusiasm to look at fundraising and communications in this area rather than relying entirely on our traditional sources of funding.

However our unique selling points as a small charity have been personal advocacy and the strong links between children and their sponsors. We must not lose sight of these as we develop in the future.


Financial reporting has been of a very high standard under Jon Crouch and we intend to appoint a separate Finance officer to be responsible for this aspect of the charity management in the future. The person appointed will be part time and probably work remotely. In a similar way part time help, either paid or by unpaid interns, could be involved in coordinating the use of social media.

Volunteers might be recruited to help out at times in the charity office or for other tasks.

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