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Diploma in Nursing   2 Years


1st July 2016


30th  June 2018

Year 1

Opportunities in India for further education and training have greatly increased under the impact of technological and economic development, with ever widening career options for girls. At their Girls Home during their secondary schooling, the children and their parents receive vocational guidance, in addition to whatever their school may provide. Depending on school-leaving attainment (and having regard to the time lapse before achieving employment), they may choose between a vocational/skills training certificate, polytechnic diploma or college degree. The former is more practical while the latter two cater for more academic students. Most hold recruitment events on-campus, assuring youngsters of reliable employment subsequently.

Vocational Guidance is given at all stages, from career selection and transition from school to further education and training, through to final substantive employment. Funding continues, with each apprentice receiving a monthly stipend to cover personal subsistence and expenses, while fees are covered separately. In the event that actual fees exceed the sum available (pitched at the level charged by the equivalent Government institution), parents are required to bridge the gap or help will be given to arrange a student loan. This can occur if school-leaving performance falls short of that needed to secure a Government place, or for advanced courses commensurate with the apprentice's heightened potential and/or if apprentice or parents insist on an alternative course or institution to that advised.

Swetha initially failed her Secondary School Leaving Certificate exams with 42.2% overall, including 35% for Maths, Science 66% and English 23%; she repeated English and passed. Friends had suggested this course and the choice was supported during vocational guidance. Of her class of 45, the majority are from secondary school having 10th standard like her; the remainder have failed their higher secondary education. The teaching medium for the year's syllabus (without semesters) is bilingual but exam questions and answers are in English.
English is also widely used in their technical vocabulary and for patients' records in hospitals. This caused her problems initially; there is no extra tuition in any subject, including spoken English, leaving it to students to practice, out of class, amongst themselves and help each other.

First year is entirely college-based, with instruction and practicals for 3 1/2 hours daily from 9.30am to  1 p.m. after which students study privately in their hostel or return home, ready for a test the following morning. Their first formal exam will be at the end of the year - June. There is no library or IT support, neither is there any campus activity. For second year, the students will be given on-the-job training placements with various private hospitals for the first six month, followed by three months of further instruction on campus, before taking up their final placement on a probationary basis and leading to subsequent employment.

In first year Swetha is studying:

Anatomy           Physiology                First Aid                     Nutrition
Community Health Nursing                 Surgical Nursing        Fundamentals of Nursing

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