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Sports included at the school are Kho Kho, hockey, cricket, kabbadi, volleyball, tennis and track & field. There are also organised activities for karakattam dance and sewing. There is no organised drawing class, but the children still enter competitions.


The buildings are fairly run down and in need of some preventative maintenance. The classrooms are quite shabby and dark but each does have a large blackboard and electric lighting and ceiling fans. Although apparently there are new blocks coming as some buildings need to be demolished. There are 2 science blocks, one for 6th to 10th standard and the other for 11th and 12th. The computer room has 10 computers which are used to learn Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


10th and 12th Stds have a half day of study at the school every Saturday which is compulsory.  They also are the only standards to receive vocational guidance which involves someone from an industry visiting the school to advise them on what grades they need and which college to attend so it doubles up as a recruitment drive for that company.


The Headmaster was unable to give me the distribution by standard or grades for the MSGH girls. His comments were some are excellent, most above average and some below average. Seetha has found another school which is much better for the girls and planning is in place to assess the advantages of moving girls to a new school. However it would require hiring buses to get the girls there and back safely everyday and at the moment there are not funds available for this. I think it would be interesting to find out how much this would cost and whether it is something that JHC would be willing to fund.  


The girls and staff at MSGH are all a delight and it was a real honour to spend time with them and help them with their chores and studies. The girls and I had got into the habit of blowing and catching kisses to each other. On my last day there I said my goodbyes to them as they all lined up for school and as they walked out I blew them kisses which they caught and blew back. One little girl at the back of the line caught the kiss I blew her and put it in her bag for safe keeping. You could have this same experience if you volunteer with JHC in Tamil Nadu!


Seetha's message was “More thanks to JHC". Before the contributions from JHC there wasn't enough to eat or to pay everyone a proper salary. Now life is much better and you can be well assured that every penny given to MSGH is money well invested into the lives and futures of every one of these girls. Credit for that goes to Seetha and the Committee who are 100% dedicated to the welfare of the MSGH family.


Helen Quadling, Volunteer - February 2017.


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Many youngsters supported by JHC are seeking sponsorship; you may have a relative or friend who might help these youngsters?


We need volunteers who might help these children and others in projects JHC supports with their education and spoken English, do you know anyone who might be interested?


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A short video of MSGH is available online:

Madurai Sevashram Girls Home

Annual Report 2016/2017

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