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May Pastoral Newsletter

Welcome to May’s pastoral newsletter. There are a few key things to look out for. Walk & Talk and Through the Garden Gate, plus dates for chapel reopening's..


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Pastoral Space face to face

It’s been strange not seeing people for so long, especially without coffee mornings etc, and I’m aware that lots of you would like to have a chat- where there’s nothing major but it would be good to be face to face!

So I want to offer fixed points in the week when you will definitely find me available for you (like coffee mornings and after services would usually be!) These aren’t the only times you will catch me, so do ring whenever you need and leave a message- I respond to these as soon as I’m able, usually within 48 hours.

I plan to keep these hours until September when we will see how things are going with more regular face to face activities! (I’m off on a Friday so you’ll never catch me then- but do as always leave a message!)

Through the Garden Gate

Every Monday (from 10th May) between 12 & 2, I’ll be sitting on the patio in my back garden, (unless it’s awfully wet) come along for a natter, a smile, to share ideas or talk something through, or to sort something out. Bring yourself up the side of the house and let yourself in the gate. (If you need my address please message me- I’m in Bilton and very easy to find)

Office Hours

Again if you want to telephone for a natter I’ll be in my study and ready for phone calls, Wednesday Evening 6:45-7:30 and Thursday 8:30-10 am. These are not the only times I’m available- but these are times when if you ring you’ll find me definitely here! Often outside these times you will catch me on my mobile, 07341 960506 or WhatsApp me. 

Walk and Talk

Finally, I’d love to go for a walk with you. I can come to you, or you can come here and we can walk out in a variety of directions! If you fancy a fresh air conversation let me know. I’m happy to walk half a mile or 6! We can sort days and times, but I’m going for a walk every day and if you want to join me I can be flexible around you.   

Reopening Information

Over the coming weeks we will be reopening chapels for worship, Circuit preachers and ministers are re-sourcing fortnightly services at the moment for a few reasons

1- We simply don’t have enough resources to offer to every church every week...
2- We want to encourage people to be able to visit family and friends, worship God at the seaside or up a mountain, to travel and find rest, as we move to a more open situation. If you feel obligated to be in church it can be hard to make space for loved ones, and they are precious too (online and telephone services are continuing so you can catch up later!)
3- We want to give space to dream and imagine. What would church look like if it embraced different ways of learning, different ways of worshipping, that are what would feed us and enable us to use all our gifts? If we could do anything in church what would it be? Would it be a bacon butty and some conversation starters? Would it be 10 hymns and no sermons? Would it be moving all the chairs and dancing together? Would it be sitting quietly waiting on God’s still small voice? Over the summer we hope there will be space to explore those ideas and more as we seek God’s call to us.

Some churches will be opening weekly with a local arrangement, others will be opening fortnightly. Check with your stewards for details.

Killinghall will be arranging ad-hoc worship and fellowship events inside and out across the summer when more is known about restrictions. (Watch this space for information)

Dates are subject to change depending on changing restrictions
Scotton 23rd May
Kirk Hammerton 30th May
Kearby 6th June
Park Grove 27th June
Hampsthwaite 4th July
Killinghall- To be arranged locally across the summer


It’s been 50p a cup recently in a large chain, and when commodity grade coffee is sold “at the farm gate” for $1/lb it’s easy to see how that is possible. It’s also really hard to see how it is possible for farmers working often on tiny plots of a few hectares to ever be lifted out of poverty with such a labour intensive crop. (Deut 24:14-15)

We’ve been roasting our own, (with increasing success) over the last few months. More recently, since the children have been helping, they’ve been selling some of their wares to raise funds for good causes. We now have a new roaster to help us, and so are looking for more victims (sorry- customers!) 

Mummy buys the green beans from ethical sources, choosing seasonal options that supports local projects, and local often small scale farmers to get a fair price for their coffee (this is the fun bit for, I love hearing the stories of people around the world developing their crop to be the best it can be, to hear supply chains being built for mutual benefit rather than multinational exploitation!) 

Every penny that comes in to us goes back out to charity, split equally. Half to Compassion UK who work in many coffee growing regions around the world, and who work to support families out of poverty, in Jesus name.

The other half of of the money will go to Martin House, our local children’s hospice who provide palliative and respite care, family support, and love to children locally with life limiting conditions, and bereavement support to families. 

I hope you’ll agree that however “interesting” coffee roasted by children tastes (and our success rate is increasing!) the money has been well spent! We are asking £2 for a 50g tin, which is perfectly sized to tip straight in to a large cafetière and impress your friends in the garden, or a 200g tin which is £5. You can order with this form- or send me a message!

(We’d appreciate tins being returned for a refill! And if you usually have any of the metal coffee tins, like Kenco Millicano we’d love to take them off your hands when empty!) so it’s still 50p a cup to you (less from a big tin!) we’ve paid the farmer a fair price (and had immense fun doing it!) and local and international charities are supported.

It would be great to hear about what others are doing to raise funds for various charities at the moment- I know there is a wonderful “garden gate” charity stall with household objects and fresh garden produce organised by our wonderful Kirk Hammerton stewards, that Park Grove have promised a permanent supply of jam, and that Hampsthwaite is your one stop woodworked ornament shop!

Send info and pictures for the June newsletter! 

If you’re interested in mission in your local context this should be a fascinating webinar.

It’s on zoom, but I think you are able to just watch!

Positively Rural – Festivals as Outreach

When: 18 May, 7:30pm

Who: speakers Revd Elizabeth Clark and Revd Caroline Pinchbeck