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September Pastoral Letter

Dear Friends,

Once again we come to the start of the new Methodist year. Many of us return refreshed from our annual holidays ready to pick up the baton and continue our work for Jesus. We think especially this time of our new Methodist President the Rev. Gill Newton and the Vice President  Deacon Kerry Scarlett and we pray that God will support them as they travel around the Connexion sharing the ‘good news’ of Jesus on our behalf. But of course we are all called to share that ‘good news’. We are all called to ‘go that extra mile’ for God and ‘do our bit’.

In the book of Genesis, Abraham wants a wife for his son Isaac so he summons his oldest servant to go back to his old home-land to find a suitable wife for Isaac. The servant does his master’s bidding, accompanied by a train of ten camels. On reaching the city he rests by the well and prays to God for guidance on choosing this special bride for Isaac. In answer to his prayer along comes Rebekah, carrying a pot on her shoulder ready to collect water from the well. This young woman had been performing this job for her family day in and day out.

Rebekah not only gave the servant water to drink as he requested but also volunteered to water his camels – all ten of them. Do you know how thirsty a camel is – it can drink up to 113 litres.

Imagine that – multiplied by 10. The poor girl must have been tired – but she had volunteered to do this. The old servant knew what a good wife she would make. Rebekah was not just willing to do as requested but she was willing to go the extra mile.

Rebekah has no idea who the servant was, she was just going about her everyday business, doing good deeds, fulfilling the needs of those around her. Through her obedience Rebekah was greatly blessed that day. Going that extra mile opened up many new opportunities for her. God used her in a very special way and she was rewarded well. God calls us all to serve him. Like Rebekah, he wants us to use our pots to draw water at wells to help others in his name. The Holy Spirit chooses all types of people to be the bride of Christ, to come and quench their thirst for real life through meeting Jesus.

God is looking for those who will go the extra mile and carry their pots for others. What is your pot? What do you do routinely every day  … at work, at home, at school, your shopping trip, your visit to the hospital, the nappy changing, looking after an elderly relative…. Do you get the bigger picture of the pot? God has given each of us a well where we can meet with others, a place where we can share water, where we can demonstrate kindness and go that extra mile to help others.  If you want the pleasure of splashing in those blessings and in sharing the joy of showing God off – then grab that pot and start running to your nearest well and go that extra mile in the name of Christ.

Every blessing to you all,

Rev. Diane Hicks

Letter from our Minister

Rev. Diane Hicks