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August Pastoral Letter

Dear Friends,

For many the month of August gives the opportunity for a holiday. It is a time when we might send or receive a postcard with a simple message – ‘Wish you were here’, ‘Weather fine’, ‘Having a wonderful time’, ‘See you when we come home’.

For other people a break from work might mean the opportunity to reflect and sit back and take things easy for a couple of weeks. Many people catch up and write letters to their friends or perhaps write a lengthy e-mail.

In the second book of Corinthians, chapter 3 and verse 3 we are told that ‘we are a letter from Christ, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts’. It is so uplifting to us to read a postcard or a letter and see something of that other person’s life and to see there the wonder and beauty and goodness of our God.

A postcard or a letter can say many things to the receiver and many things about the sender. The handwriting, the content, and the way it is worded all indicate information about the author. What about the messages? – excited, calm, worried, sad, elated, searching, joyful, wondering, day-dreamy, intense. Postcards sometimes seem superficial, mentioning only surface things. In a letter we often read between the lines and we ‘know’ what the writer is trying to say.

Throughout all of our lives are ‘marks’ on our lives, whether we see them or not, marks that make us a letter from Jesus. We wear messages on our personalities and as Christians others should be able to see something of the love of Jesus through our lives. Just think – you have the qualities of Jesus written on your heart. Just think how powerful and influential and significant that can be. Can you imagine yourself to be a letter from Christ? Can you believe that you are a message sent to tell others about Jesus?

If we are to do this we must have the qualities of Jesus etched on our very being. We must constantly strive to know Jesus in our lives and to live as His followers. We must turn to Jesus in prayer so that we can know Him well and invite His qualities into our own lives and wear them on our hearts.

I pray that this Summer you will have a good rest and relaxation and that Jesus will refresh your lives in a powerful way.

Every blessing to you all,

Rev Diane Hicks

Letter from our Minister

Rev. Diane Hicks