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Notes on the MSGH

Just over 50 years ago (in 1956) a group of local business men’s wives  set up the Madurai Sevashram to support, educate and rehabilitate young widows and other destitute young women over the age of 18. When the scheme proved successful for these women and the more urgent need for a home for orphaned or semi orphaned children became apparent the ladies changed the title and aims of the project to Madurai Sevashram Girls Home a place to provide shelter, accommodation food and education for girls who were to all intents and purposes destitute and so MSGH was set up in 1985.

In 2005 JHC in its constant search for indigenous NGO’s with the same aims as themselves became aware of the home and offered to help with the funding of some of the girls. The original commitment was for 70 girls but that has now increased to 120 of the 140 being looked after at the home and has been extended to include some of the capital expenditure needed to improve the facilities.

The girls, mainly from rural families whose income from traditional jobs has all but vanished, along with the jobs themselves,with the advancement of mechanisation and whose educational standards were basic in the extreme are likely to be trapped in poverty unless they can get the education necessary to fit them for the better paid jobs which the country’s booming economy offers. So MSGH seeks to offer that chance to just 140 girls out of India’s millions of poor. A chance that would not exist at all but for the support of JHC.

The girls all attend the BARLAMADRAM school which is right next door and caters for 5 to 17 year olds and takes them up to 12th Std (roughly A level). After school the girls are offered apprenticeships, or further education or assistance in finding good e mployment.


Box Room 1box per girl.  Girls who are predominately Hindu chant morning prayers to the god Ganesh and then share a breakfast of rice with ?      Dormitory Hall built by local Rotary club in 1986/7.  Playground and library provided by JHC.

Lead into chat about :-

P.Vanitha…Sponsored from 1993 at the age of 7. She was a very gifted child and passed both her 10th and 12th Std exams with flying colours. In fact she did so well that she went on to complete a 2 year diploma course in computer studies which unsurprisingly led to well paid employment.( Inerwheel G/T)

P.Thenmozhi   Sponsored  by Park Grove from 2001 (she was aleady in secondary school  at this stage having been sponsored earlier by someone else). She was another of our high fliers and after completing her 12th std exams went on to complete a 3 year diploma course in garment technology as was snapped up by one of the big textile firms at the end of that course. ( ISS G/T)

B.Divya sponsored by PG from 2006 at the age of 15 she desperately  .wanted to be Dr ….not good enough grades…..settled on becoming a nurse specialising in Eye care training at the renown ARAVIND .group of hospitals………now qualified as a optometrist  and continuing her training in the same group of hospitals and now able to help support her family while continuing even further training. (MSGH)

Finally we come to our current high flier P.Shanmugavalli. Again we’ve been sponsoring this young lady since 2006 when she was 10 years old. Again academically gifted she is now in the 2nd year of a 3 year degree course studying Physics.

Over 35 years we’ve at our peak been sponsoring 9 children but fund raising is more difficult these days and we’ve had to cut back to 5 this year but over that period we’ve been able to give a good start in life to many many children not only girls and not only the high fliers but I’ve spoken of these 4 girls to give you an idea of just how far these children can go; given the chance.

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