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Madurai Sevashram Girls Home, founded in 1956, is a permanent project in Tamil Nadu, which is the most southern state of India. Madurai is a city of over a million people with one of India's largest Hindu temples.

The home provides accommodation for Destitute Children - currently it supports 100+ Girls, all of whom are 'semi-orphans' or orphans, between the ages of 5 and 17. Over the past 50 years the project, which is run by a local committee of ladies, has provided basic accommodation and shelter, assisted by some local government and Rotary funding. The Joe Homan Charity aims to help improve the standards and facilities this project offers.

The majority of girls have never been outside Madurai, a city of many slums, and know nothing outside the poverty of their deprived lives. Many of them have suffered a great deal and the security and happy atmosphere gradually help the mental scars to fade and heal.

Primary schooling for the younger girls (up to 5th Standard) is provided in small classrooms within the project. The three teachers, who are paid by the government, are sometimes assisted by older girls who are training to be teachers themselves. The classrooms are basic and without desks or seats. All the children use a slate and chalk, with books at a premium.
From 6th standard onwards, the girls will go to the local government Secondary school nearby, and are encouraged to remain at school until they complete 10th Standard (at age 16 - the equivalent of GCSE). Current opportunities for further training thereafter are limited.

Life in the Girls Home
Each child in the Girls' Home is allocated small tasks to complete daily, in addition to evening homework and study. The older girls act as mentors for the younger children, and help them to adjust to life here and guide them in the ways of the project. The diet is simple, mainly rice with vegetables, chutney and sauces, with any special needs being catered for. The older girls take it in turn to assist the cook in food preparation and serving. All the children receive a medical examination once a year.

Madurai Sevashram Girls Home
is a happy and relaxed place and, although poor, the living conditions are 100% better than the girls would get at home. The girls really appreciate the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, and also have the chance of an education to benefit them in later years. There is an abundance of laughter. You can Bring Hope and Opportunity by sponsoring a Girl in this project


For less than 60p a day we can provide a full-time education and give a girl a future

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