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The full name of this care home is the Dindigul Aids Control Society (DACS) but the more descriptive
name is Abangam (Which translates as The House of Love).

This is the 5th building that DACS has occupied since it was first set up by Mr Thankachan and his wife back in October  2003 with just 6 children and some of their mums all suffering from HIV or full blown AIDS. Later on you will see a picture of the 1st house  which was always overcrowded and so successive moves to larger buildings have been necessary. Over those few years 192 children have benefitted from the care offered: some have died: an almost inevitable result of the disease: and a few have returned to their families. Abangam currently cares for 44 children who are looked after by 5 foster mums who are themselves all in need of assistance as they are all widows. The children’s ages range from 10 days to 17 years. All of the children were abandoned (some actually in dustbins) so neither  DACS nor the children themselves  have any knowledge of possible family links!

JHC first became involved with DACS in 2008 and along with local donors, and the profits from Mr Thankaman’s small shop contribute to its funding. The children attend 3 of the local schools (a big change from 2003 when the schools were too scared to allow kids suffering from AIDS to attend) they are all well looked after, attend school, get regular health checks, and get the all important ante viral tablets each day.
Now we see the 1st home which really was not very salubrious but was all that was available back in 2003. Mr Thankaman’s wife has donated the land for the present house and JHC helped with building costs.

Latest arrival was born on 1 Sept 2014 and was abandoned by his mother at the hospital when she found he was suffering from AIDS.

At morning prayers the children recite a prayer of thanks to God and to Donors for the breakfast they are about to eat then its time for tablets  and then off to school. 3 lucky ones get to share this
phut-phut while the others make do with the minibus (HOW MANY DO YOU COUNT?).

After school they have a snack of lentils or similar and then its out to play in the nearby field.

NO Xboxes  or other expensive toys for these kids.

Video of DACS - "Home of Love"

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